"Even though at the deepest level we are all the same frequency, we appear to have different frequencies, in order that our true frequency might improve itself.

A dog experiences time to pass much differently than us. We think walk a dog thinks run around outside and sniff and play because it doesn’t know the word walk. Although dogs actually learn it, eventually they start to learn it at least, though maybe they just correlate the word walk to mean run around outside and play and smell things, they don’t simply use the word walk instead. Part of their joy is from not having a word for walk so instead they think about all the things a walk is, because this is their only way if thinking about what a walk is, they have no shortcuts, no words that sum the whole thing up.

A dogs imagination is actually way more vivid than a humans, but this means way more time is taken up in order to imagine something. The weekends of the human imagination is actually what makes us so quick to learn. We cannot experience things fully in our mind because we have used words to simplify the total experience of the meaning behind a word just to the word. Imagine when you heard the word love, instead if feeling what it meant you visually imagined and experienced every kind of love you ever knew, but instead to experience love, we need only think the word and get a vague feeling of all those experiences. We simplify love into a a single cycle, one thought and one feeling so we can move more quickly, forward, but this means our imagination is massively dulled. Language dulls the imagination but also speeds it up. You can add many simple ideas together much more quickly with the big ones than trying to get all the little ones together at once. So we sacrifice imagination for cleverness as we age. We would rather make big connections than really imagine what that is like. But we start to imagine things we care about more and more. We take more time at it, more cycles, sometimes to save cycles we use big ideas, sometimes we go into detail and imagine every single idea one at a time. How many pieces of data go through the human mind per second in order to create the continuous and whole experience we have. Just because we think about something else doesn’t mean we stop seeing the room we are in. We go back and forth between room and our thoughts and the smells and room and sounds and thoughts so fast that all of them seem continuous. Motion appears smooth, but the more we know about motion the fewer cycles we need to make it appear smooth. One you have thought something is moving in an arc you no longer need to spend cycles to experience something moving in an arc pattern, the word ark has taken care if the. Thought about thought is an important square. Maybe 100? Maybe much later. Thought and reality. Thought is 10. Reality is 9? 3^2 the good about truth is reality? The truth about truth is thought. The thought about thought is reflection."
"…and you drink a little too much and try a little too hard. And you go home to a cold bed and think, ‘That was fine’. And your life is a long line of fine."
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"I think because monogamy has become such an accustomed lifestyle choice, so many of us prioritize the structure of being in a relationship over being with an actual person and by doing so forget that each person in his or her own individuality is free."